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Transactional emails ‘a marketing tool’


Companies should consider transactional emails as a creative communications tool and means of boosting return on investment (ROI), a company has claimed. Email-delivery server-provider Zrinity has published its study Improving […]

Original content ‘a simple SEO requirement’


When considering how best to boost their website’s search engine optimization (SEO), marketers should seek to create original content, an expert has urged. Todd Mumford, writing for the American Chronicle, […]

Static content ’causes plummeting rankings’


Though Google’s precise search algorithms are unknown, those in the search engine optimization (SEO) business have a general understanding of how the system works. Thanks to a number of analytical tools that Google openly provides, savvy marketers can use the search engine to drive traffic to their website.

Email marketing budgets ‘to soar’


US spending on email marketing will grow to $2.1 billion in 2012, from $1.2 billion last year, it has been predicted. JupiterResearch, a firm specializing in consumer technologies, has stated […]

Google maintains market majority


Google continues its dominance of the US search market, a new study has revealed. Research conducted by market monitoring firm Hitwise revealed that Google possessed more than 65 percent of […]

RSS monetization ‘important and effective’


It is important to derive profits from RSS feeds, according to an advertising network.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, a means of distributing news content to readers without them h

Election ‘to be ruled by social networking’


The presidential election is to be dominated by social networking, it has been claimed. Debra Aho Williamson, senior analyst at internet commentator eMarketer, notes that each candidate has a social […]

Email marketing ‘must be interesting’


Websites considering revamping their email marketing strategy for 2008 should ensure their communications contain interesting and engaging content, an expert has commented.

Online strategy fi

No, not that kind of Link: Google teaming up with Nintendo to release search engine game


While it probably won’t have the impact of a new Super Mario title, Nintendo’s new collaboration with Google has produced a game that’s getting attention: Ando-Kensaku, a Wii game, will […]