Marketers don't have enough resources to optimize their landing pages for better conversion rates - which is a top goal for 2015.

Online marketers know that well-optimized landing pages are the backbones of websites that turn your audience into customers. In order to optimize landing pages, you need to test and analyze them – but new research from Ascend2 suggests almost a quarter (23 percent) of marketers do not do any landing page testing to determine success.

While 93 percent of the 342 worldwide marketers surveyed consider conversion rates the most important objective of a landing page, only 27 percent say their landing pages are “very successful.”

AB testing ascend2How to make landing pages more successful: Try A/B tests

Marketers who are going to greater lengths to make sure their landing pages are optimized for conversions do this through segmentation targeting, usability testing and copy optimization. Of the methods listed in the survey, marketers say A/B testing is one of the easiest methods to perform, but 52 percent say it is also the most effective to increasing conversion rates.

But, what is A/B testing? It’s a method of analysis that compares two pages (or emails, or subject lines) to determine which performs better. Examples of this could be placing call-to-action buttons in different locations, trying different colors, fonts or styles, and then determining which variant provides stronger results.

Client Success Story: We conducted an A/B test and discovered that publishing videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates 257 percent! Read more about the results here.

Marketers lack resources for better optimization

Marketers know landing pages need to be optimized if they want higher conversion rates, but the data suggests 45 percent struggle

Lauren shares proof that landing pages with video provide superior ROI

Lauren shares proof that landing pages with video provide superior ROI

because they don’t have the internal resources to create and monitor them. This challenge was followed closely by not having conversion-worthy content (think downloadable assets like eBooks and white papers) and lack of an effective strategy.

The study went on to say that 23 percent of marketers are only using internal resources to execute landing pages. (This includes writing copy, integrating SEO best practices, designing and developing pages and then measuring the impact.)

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